What is the Problem?

  • Over 2,500 Homeless Veterans in the Hampton Roads area
  • One out of every four homeless persons in Hampton Roads is a military veteran

What is Vetshouse?

  • Unique, nonprofit organization serving homeless veterans in Hampton Roads
    • Not a shelter
    • Twelve month program providing:
    • Transition housing in contemporary homes
    • Job placement, personal skills and development counseling
    • Food and transportation
    • A hand-up, not a hand out
  • Successful residents of Vetshouse, Inc graduate from our program with:
    • Jobs that will support their needs
    • Sufficient savings to pay their independent living expenses
    • Budgeting and personal skills, enabling self sufficiency
    • Pride to become productive citizens of the Hampton Roads area

How successful is Vetshouse?

  • Since 1992, over 500 homeless veterans have been helped
  • Over 70% of residents have successfully completed the program

What is the capacity of Vetshouse?

  • Vetshouse owns two duplexes in residential neighborhoods accommodating sixteen veterans
  • The City of Virginia recently leased Vetshouse a five bedroom home for five years allowing Vetshouse to accommodate an additional four veterans


Who governs Vetshouse?

  • Fifteen volunteers serve as the Board of Directors
  • An executive Director manages the day-to-day operations

What is the annual budget for Vetshouse?

  • $142,000. 70% goes to providing services to homeless veterans

Where does the money for Vetshouse come from?

  • Donations from businesses, organizations and individuals
  • Periodic grants from the City of Virginia Beach
  • Fundraising Events

Are contributions tax deductible?

  • Yes! Vetshouse, Inc. is a non-profit organization. All contributions are tax deductible

How can you (Business, Organization or Individual) help our homeless veterans?

  • Provide employment opportunities
  • Provide annual donations of money, goods or services
  • Pay one month’s mortgage ($560) annually
  • Provide assistance to a specific residence
  • Provide food or clothing
  • Sponsor a Vetshouse, Inc. presentation
  • Provide referrals of homeless veterans
  • Provide nonperishable food items and clothing