Here are a few letters from our Vetshouse graduates:

I am sitting in a computer room at school. I bring that up because I was motivated to go here as part of my recovery during my stay at Vetshouse. I would not have been successful without Vetshouse helping me to get my act together and change my life. I am employed and living in a nice neighborhood. I owe a lot of this to Vetshouse and the structured environment. Vetshouse, Inc. was instrumental in helping me save my life for which I am thankful.

– Jonathon Fisher

I appreciate the opportunity the Vetshouse gave me to help me make this transition. Vetshouse helped me maintain my recovery for addiction, and kept me on the right road to my recovery. Vetshouse, Inc program gives the Vet a complete transition that helps them return to society.

– Herbert LeBoo

I am so thankful for having the opportunity to stay at Vetshouse. Vetshouse, Inc. helped me a great deal in steering me back into a structured program. Interacting with other recovering alcoholics and addicts was very helpful and it was a very rewarding program at Vetshouse. Thank you very much.

– Edwin Adams

Vetshouse is a great opportunity for a Vet to get his life back together, but you have to want it. There are simple rules and all you have to do is follow them. I now have a good job, a nice place to live and money in the bank. I needed that one chance and a few breaks and Vetshouse gave them to me and for that I say “Thank You”.

– Bill Nase

I moved from another state to Virginia. I searched the internet and located Vetshouse. I met the qualifications and that was the beginning of turning my life around. Vetshouse assisted me in gaining employment, moving on my own and the rest is history. Thanks Vetshouse.

– Harold

I initially thought that Vetshouse was the way for me to get off the street for a while, I was wrong. Entering into the program and being around the positive attitudes of my feelow roommates, I quickly found that Vetshouse was all about business and that was helping the homeless veterans. I know have full-time employment and my own place. I would not be where I am today without Vetshouse setting me straight.

– Robert

Vetshouse gave me the opportunity to regroup. I am grateful to have had the services of Vetshouse.

– Michael